Multi Seal Products

Heavy Duty - Formulated to seal up to 5/8" punctures, seal bead leaks and stop under-inflation from rubber porosity. 

Heavy Duty Environmental Formula – Our Heavy Duty Environmental Formula incorporates propylene glycol, an environmentally safe formula option. It offers the same protection and performance standards as regular Heavy Duty (above). 

Hydro-Seal - For use in ballasted tires. Fill up with water, add the proper dosage of Hydro-Seal, and protect your tires from punctures, valve and rim leaks, corrosion and freezing (temperature depends on dosage. Ask your dealer for details).

Armor-Seal - Used by military organizations, mining operations, and wherever severe terrain and environments require the ultimate in tire protection. Tested on the battlefield, proven in mines and dump sites, Armor-Seal is the heavy hitter.

General Purpose – The sports formula. Great for all ATV’s and off-road toys, as well as your household wheel barrows, bicycles, etc.

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