Multi Seal Products


MULTI SEAL® tire sealant products protect you with the latest puncture and leak prevention technology. Five effective formulations let you choose the ideal sealant for your performance conditions. MULTI SEAL saves you money and makes for safer driving under any environment:

• Off-road / over-the-road
• Construction
• Farm & ranch
• Hazardous/military
• Heavy industrial use

MULTI SEAL® make tires last longer and keeps operators and equipment up and running:

• Our proven formulations stop leaks from punctures and reduce air loss occurring from rubber porosity.
• One treatment of MULTI SEAL® lasts the life of the tire .
• MULTI SEAL’S industrial products instantly seal external punctures in your tire up to ¾” (ARMOR 3500™ seals up to 1 ¼ ”) preventing loss of air pressure and possibly catastrophic failure of the tire.

• Your tire’s life will be extended, up to 20%.
• No sealant is 100% perfect. However, long term field evaluations show that MULTI SEAL® sealants prevents up to 95% of tire failures from punctures and underinflation.
MULTI SEAL® – Superior science, superior sealants. Protect your tires, equipment, save money and drive safely with MULTI SEAL® products.

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