ARMOR 3500™

ARMOR 3500™ sealant from MULTI SEAL® withstands extreme conditions, sealing punctures up to 1 1/4″. ARMOR 3500™ is formulated with aramid fibers (bullet proof vest type material), high tech suspension agents, fillers and corrosion inhibitors to keep your heavy equipment rolling, thus avoid costly downtime and equipment damage.

HYDRO 1500™

Are you looking for a solution to flats and leaks from your ballast-filled (water-filled) tires? Do you need corrosion protection? Do you require a sealant that works in cold-protected (alcohol, beet juice, calcium chloride), tubed or tubeless ballasted tires? If so, HYDRO 1500™ Formula is the right choice.

PRO HD 2500™

Your heavy tires routinely endure heavy punishment. They encounter ‘tire killers’ such as jagged rocks, broken concrete, rebar, scrap metal, welding rods, nails and other hazardous objects.

MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ Formula allows your tires to withstand the rigors of heavy, continuous use. 


MULTI SEAL® produces specially manufactured tire sealant products for several private labels.

Our scientists can work with your company to create new and custom formulations to meet your criteria and performance requirements.

MULTI SEAL® manufactures and markets high performance tire sealants, scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks, protecting your tires and the people, vehicles and equipment that are counting on them.

Using proprietary formulas and high tech ingredients since 1981, MULTI SEAL® products are manufactured in the United States specifically for applications like yours.

MULTI SEAL® sealants are the world’s leading performer in the industrial, agricultural and power sports tire sealant market. Easily installed through the valve stem in minutes, one treatment lasts the life of your tires. Along with protection from large punctures in the tread area, MULTI SEAL® stops underinflation due to slow leaks, seals punctures in the sidewall, stops pinhole leaks in the rim, prevents corrosion, and extends the life of your tires while providing a safer driving experience.

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