About Chain Mender

A pneumatically powered chain rebuild tool. This bench stored fits onto a pallet 4 ft X 3ft. When required it is easily rolled into position, hooked to an air pressure source and unfolded to create a 8ft X 4ft work area at a counter top height. Chains have plenty of room to be laid out flat. Simply insert you “pretzel hook” into the spreading tool and apply pressure on a foot driven pedal and the spreading device will un-crimp the “pretzel hook to allow the operator to remove the cross link. Replace the crosslink, insert the open pretzel into the crimp side of the table and a second pedal applies the pressure to crimp the “pretzel hook” to the cross chain to lock in place.

The Chain Mender allows the technician to work at a comfortable table height and make consistent and smooth repairs of the tire chain. Convenient foot pedals allow the Operator the use of both hands to remove the broken cross-links and properly place and crimp the new cross-links. The end result is a quick and consistent tire chain repair.

Chain Mender helps prevent injury and fatigue by replacing hand tools as well as increase comfort ability by moving operation to a comfortable working height. Chain Mender also allows for the operator to keep both of his hands on the chain the entire time of operation making the project much less prone to injury.

Save fatigue, save your back, save your employees.

If you have ever tried to repair a truck tire chain, then you are familiar with the physical demands of this task. The conventional method of truck tire chain repair is not only physically demanding, but time consuming as well.  A typical repair can be accomplished in under two minutes per cross-link depending on the experience, strength and efficiency of your employee.

When considering the costs and the physical requirements of conventional methods of tire chain repair, it's easy to see The Chain Mender is far and away the leader in fleet tire chain repair. Using today's technology, The Chain Mender provides a consistent, efficient and laborsaving alternative to the dreadful task of cross-links changing in a busy repair shop.

Power source - 80PSI compressed air.

All chain menders are built with the highest quality products and hand made in the USA.

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